Developing hardware, algorithms, and control for near-term applications in quantum information, sensing, and computing

Looking to Shatter Moore’s Law Through Quantum Computing

March 19, 2018- 
The laws of quantum physics impact daily life in rippling undercurrents few people are aware of, from the batteries in our smartphones to the energy generated from solar panels. As the Department of Energy (DOE) and its national laboratories explore the frontiers of quantum science, such as calculating the energy levels of a single atom or how molecules fit together, more powerful tools are a...

Quantum Group Celebrates First Anniversary

Feb. 5, 2018- 
The Quantum Coherent Device Physics Group celebrated the group turning one year old. 

LLNL Team Chosen to Lead DOE Quantum Computing Development

Feb. 5, 2018- 
Beginning in fiscal year 2018, researchers in the Quantum Coherent Device Physics group were chosen, in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, to lead efforts in developing new quantum computing hardware through the Department of Energy Office of Science's Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) Quantum Testbed Pathfinder Program.  Read more about these efforts in...

Additive Manufacturing Meets Quantum

July 19, 2017- 
The November issue of Applied Physics Letters features work from LLNL’s Quantum Coherent Device Physics Group that applies the Lab’s expertise in additive manufacturing to advance quantum computing by entering a design space inaccessible to conventional fabrication. This work was the first demonstration of Ti-6Al-4V as a superconducting radio frequency cavity. Such cavities are key components...